Experience the true taste of Lithuania's long held and storied culinary history.

Whether it's a mouthwatering array of local ingredients crafted into a unique and authentic dish, or a traditional meal cherished among locals, treat your taste buds to an experience that's always fresh, local and delicious. 

Tavern's Menu

Favourite Dishes

  • Black Bread Toasts rubbed with Garlic
  • Herring served with Jacket Potato in Country-style
  • Lithuanian Mushroom Soup
  • Fried Forest Mushrooms with Potatoes
  • Pike Perch braised in Sour Cream with Mushrooms and Mashed Potatoes
  • Veal Roasts served with Mustard Sauce
  • Meat Filled Dumplings with Bacon Sauce
  • Grated Potato Pancakes with Meat
  • Zeppelins – Traditional Lithuania Potato Dumplings stuffed with Meat
  • House-made Vodka Ice-cream with Caramel Apples and Cranberry Sauce
  • Stikliai Restaurant

Stikliai Restaurant's Menu

Favourite Dishes

  • Smoked Salmon with Dried Seaweed Nori and Mango Cream
  • Duck Liver Pâté coated with Orange Jelly, served with Caramelized Kumquats
  • Venison Carpaccio with Duck Liver Pâté
  • Scallops with Black Truffles and Potato Risotto
  • Baked Kohlrabi and Snap Peas with Mustard and Wasabi Sauces
  • Forest Mushroom Cream Soup served with Onion Stuffed Dumplings and Cured Ham Crisps
  • Salmon Steak with Spinach and Seafood SauceStikliai Restaurant
  • Filet of Beef with Braised Paprika and Potato Crisps
  • Baked Veal Tenderloin with Green Peas Puree, Forest Mushrooms and Mustard Sauce
  • Fried Duck Liver with Figs Soaked in Wine with Black Currants,
  • Stewed Fennel and Fried Mushrooms
  • Venison Fillet Rossini with Celery and Dried Figs
  • Bitter Chocolate with Peanut Crackers and White Chocolate Ice-cream
  • Sorbet Assorted
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